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Deny Disability Benefits To People Who Can’t Work Full Time


Deny Disability Benefits To People Who Can’t Work Full Time

Right now, the proposed regulations implementing this insensitive proposal are still in the drafting stage according to the article. Nevertheless, as soon as the proposed regulations appear in the Federal Register as a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, please be assured that we will file a comment strongly opposing their adoption and implementation. We will also provide a link where you may file your comments as well. In summary, it appears that the SSA under the direction of Trump appointee Commissioner Saul wants to redefine the definition of the ability to work on a “regular and continuous” basis from the ability to work 40 hours per week to the ability to work 30 hours per week.

This would be radical departure from the disability evaluation process and would likely trigger a huge number of Continuing Disability Reviews that would result in Title II & Title XVI beneficiaries receiving letters in the mail from the SSA with the “good” news that the SSA has determined that they are no longer disabled and that their benefits are being discontinued even though a 30-hour-per-week at minimum wage falls below the federal poverty line. Also, Vocational Experts who testify at hearings are likely to be hard pressed to opine that such 30-hour per week jobs exist in significant numbers in the national economy.

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